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Guidelines to First Timer Visitors in Vietnam

Exciting trips and vacation will always lead you to places that you have never been or perhaps you already had an experience in and want to go back and see again the beautiful scenes and reliving the moments as well. One of the best places in Southeast Asia is in Vietnam wherein you will have a great time exploring the cities and places that not everyone has ever experienced it. There is nothing much to prepare but you need to have a great camera to capture all the memories that you will be making together with your friends and family.

When it comes to preparing your needs for the travel, here are other things that you’ll have to consider in getting ready for a Vietnam tour and its tourist’s spot places as well;

Your smile- just like any other Asian country that you have been or have been told about the nature of an Asian person, they are as well hospitable. However, unlike the other Asian countries wherein people stopped and looked at you, in Vietnam, people doesn’t necessarily stare at you, but if you seek for some directions, most of them would likely help you also. Your smile is important as they would appreciate someone who is more smiley in approaching them.

Taxi scams- be aware of the things that are happening around you. Just because you are a foreigner to the country, that does not excuse you from getting exempted from any crime that can happen. Petty crimes such as taxi scams can lead to a more complicated situation where you’ll never know if you will be safe or not. If it is your first time, it would be best as well for you to have a tourist guide to help you with the whereabouts and at the same time the transportation. This will keep you from getting scammed by anyone in the local place.

Knowing the night buses- aside from the taxi cab that you see around the local area, traveling using a bus is a great way for you to reach as well another destination of your choice. If you plan to go a place wherein it takes the next day to reach the place, overnight buses are a great way for you to experience.

Safety and security- it has been said that Vietnam has the lowest price of beer which makes a lot of people to buy and get drunk at any costs that they like. In this manner, if there are people getting drunk, that means it is prone to any source of trouble that can be caused by them. Make yourself free from any distraction and keep away from places that are also prone to accidents and possible crimes. If you want to experience a nightlife clubbing, go to a place that is known for its safety and security.

Motorcycle safety- bringing your motorcycle to a foreign country such as in Vietnam is allowed as long as you abide their rules just as you do at your place. Be careful on the road as there, of course, toxic drivers that you do not want to meet. As much as possible drive safely, Vietnam road is not a good place as well to learn your very first driving lessons.

Being bold- since you are new to the place, and everything else is out of your comfort zone, it would be best for you to stay as if you are not that uncomfortable or being bold is one key for you to be able to stand on your own since Vietnam can be overwhelming and at the same time intimidating too with all of your travels.